iNewtek info

With the slogan of ‘safe and convenient automation world,
together with customers’,
iNewtek Inc.
has been developing and producing
industrial computer, Panel PC, Industrial Mainborad,
MES KIOSK System, Touch Panel for HMI,
multi-functional Embedded Touch Panel,
Medical PC, and other IT devices.
With the development and production,
the company has grown to specialize in
the automation area.

Since 2003, all of executives and employees at iNewtek Inc. has always been with customers in poor factory
circumstances, industrial sites requiring stability and durability, and main production lines necessary for immediate
recovery after system shutdown.

iNewtek Inc. has put its most efforts to develop reliable industrial panel PCs, such as Dust Proof Panel PC,
Fanless Panel, IP65, and Level4 ESD. The company has been developing and producing industrial computers with
excellent stability and durability, non-noise high-performance Panel PC, and Win CE / Linux based Embedded Touch
panel applicable to small measurement equipment, small control equipment, access control equipment, and small
KIOISK (information guide).

In addition, for the first time in Korea, the company directly developed and mass-produced 3.5 inch ultra-small industrial SBC (Single Board Computer) with excellent quality and price competitiveness. Therefore, the company not only makes import-substitution effect in the poor industrial SBC market of Korea, but contributes to national prestige and national economy through the export overseas.

By more investing in high-quality automation products for HMI, including power control, equipment control, communication control, and production line equipment monitoring, and Medical PC, the company will do the best to improve customers’ productivity and product quality.

iNewtek Inc. will always put itself in customers’ shoes and will make the best effort to provide products and services from customers’ point of view. Please keep an eye on our ceaseless innovation and challenge.

Thank you.

iNewtek Inc. All Staff