With the easy installation of Camera, RFID, Scanner, Card Reader,
and other devices, it is possible to establish the POS system for access control,
medical service, KVM, and industries.

Medical info-tain

What is Info-tain? It is the compound word of Information and
Entertainment. It is used as information terminal device for patient
bed at hospital. With the device, patients not only watch TV individually,
but have two-way communications including video call, video interview,
and remote medical diagnosis and treatment. * MSR and RFID are optional so that they can be installed later.

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Industrial Access Control PPC

The product is an industrial access control device that supports communications
with diverse devices, including RS-232 system.

With the large touch screen, it is possible to make a simple design.
The digital-touch based access control system screen can be customized.
The product can be used as various solutions, such as biometric system and payment system.

Basically, Camera, MIC, and Speaker are already installed. RFID, Card Reader,
fingerprint recognition face recognition, and iris recognition sensors are selective.

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With the use of light, slim, and multi-functional iPanel,
it is possible to establish POS system in the special industrial environment.

  • Barcode Scanner, Card Reader, and Dual Display can be installed.
  • Vesa mount, Panel Mount, and Wallmount are supported.
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KVM System

In connection with multiple computers, KVM System can
control touch screen, keyboard, monitor, and mouse at the same time.

  • Barcode Scanner can be installed.
  • Vesa mount, Panel Mount, and Wallmount are supported.
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