Panel PC

To meet customers’ needs, iNewtek provides distinct types of
Panel PC according to industrial circumstances.


iPanel has X86 based(WinXP/7/8) high performance, and
is very light. Therefore, the product can be used for
various purposes, such as stand-type MES, industrial POS, and HMI.

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Fanless Panel PC

F-Panel has no Cooling Fan in its inside.
Therefore, it is able to prevent the system
shutdown caused by lowering RPM speed and Cooling Fan failure.
The product can be used in hot and humid circumstances.

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Dust-Proof Panel PC

D-Panel accepts Fanless type basically and has
Dust-Proof function through the minimized Air Vent Hole.
The product can be used in dust, hot, humid,
and other poor conditions.

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IP65 Panel PC

IP-Panel is Water-Proof on its front side.
The product can be used in beverage factory and
meat processing factory.
* S-Panel is Full IP65.

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Stainless Panel PC

S-Panel, made of Stainless Steel, is Full IP65.
The product can be used in food
processing, pharmaceutical, sanitary,
and other industrial sites.

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High-Brightness Panel PC

Hi-Panel has high-brightness
LCD(LED) Display.
The product can be used in
external and special circumstances,
such as transportation,
broadcasting, DID, and
medical service.

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E-panel is Explosion Proof Panel PC

This is explosion Proof Panel PC.
It can be used in chemical and
pharmaceutical factories, etc.

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Wide Temperature
Panel PC

Wi-Panel can be used at the temperature
ranging from -20 to70oC. In short, the Panel PC product
is effective in poor environmental conditions.

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