MES Kiosk



Fanless Type Industrial Kiosk System /
Dust-Proof / Wall mount / 15”Touch Screen
Front USB & CD-ROM Kiosk System
Meterial - STEAL

NTP15SF-i / NTP15SOF-i
제품도면 / 제품세부사양



Dust Proof/ Fanless Industrial Kiosk







- On the real time basis, it is possible to upload the work details necessary for the production line such as MES, POP, WMS, and SCM in the main server.
- Material :STEAL
- As the whole structure is the fanless, dust-proof, and moisture-proof product, the production line breakdown due to the dust or a bad fan is completely blocked so that it is the product with the excellent durability verified in the coarse environment.
- Key-Lock type keyboard mouse slider is basically installed.
- Wall mount.
- The I/O terminal input and output are possible both in the front and in the side, and it has the convenient structure to attach and detach a product for after-sales service.




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